Lets all learn and help each other with sound and video tips and products that works best for your churches ministry.

 On the sound side of things here at Englewood we run the Yamaha LS9/32 digital mixer which has been a great addition to our sound system. Mics that we use for our singers are Electro-Voice RE2-N7EV mics which is a great sounding mic. We have had real good luck with these mics over the years. Choir mics are Shure MX202 MicroFlex Condenser Microphone with Inline Preamps. These do the job very well. House speakers are JBl’s, Yamaha floor monitors, QSC subs. This combination of speakers gives us a great sound. I’m sure there are better ones out there but for the most part, we enjoy these.
On the video side of things, we run IMacs. We use Propresenter 6 video software and just became a member of ShareFaith which gives us all our images, short videos, loops, etc. We are still learning all about ShareFaith and any advice would help.ShareFaith also provides us with our website editing software. Check out ShareFaith.com 
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