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Discover the Gospel

Learn more about the teachings of Christ by attending the weekly worship service, Sunday school, and bible study sessions at Englewood Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, AL. Gain a clearer understanding of the Gospel and discover the real meaning of the Word of God. If you have questions about our worship service and Sunday school schedule, feel free to contact us using the information listed on this site. We will gladly provide the information you need regarding our church.





This Sunday School class is created to help build a foundation on Christ. With Hands-On Bible Curriculum, kids experience the same the same powerful connections between scripture and everyday life by engaging all five of their senses. The Bible comes alive!


1ST – 5TH Grade

In this Sunday school class, the kids will learn about God’s love. They will discover and understand the God always loves us, we can trust God, and Jesus loves everyone. Each unit will include a memory verse for the kids to learn God’s word and to further their relationship with their heavenly Father. 



At EBC Favored Youth Group, it is our mission to see students experience an authentic encounter with God that leads to an intimate relationship with Him. We strive to see students passionately pursuing His presence through the Word, worship, and prayer. Our goal is to fan into flame each student’s spiritual gifts, equipping them to fulfill their kingdom purpose of making other disciples. 



READ. QUESTION. LEARN. GROW and LIVE out the text together.



Marriage is a gift from God and we want you to discover God’s great plan for your marriage. We also know there are no quick fixes in parenting. Parenting takes time, attention, and love. In Kingdom Families, we will focus on God’s design for couples and families, as well as learn with other like-minded couples on this same journey.



Faith Sunday school class is a mixed adult class for every generation. We concentrate on getting to know the Bible more and expounding on God’s word. Our purpose  is to get you closer to the Lord and help you find out God’s perfect plan and purpose for you. Then helping you to the next step of seeing his plan for you put into action.