As an independent Baptist Church, Englewood Baptist Church dedicates itself to relentless evangelization and proclamation of the Word of our Lord. Our Christian ministry focuses on building a community of strong believers who live by Jesus’ teachings. We fulfill this mission by guiding sinners to repentance and eventually leading them to be one with Christ. Through Pastor Randy Beard’s leadership, we continue to bring the message of salvation to communities throughout Tuscaloosa, AL.
Become Closer With the Lord Jesus
Get to know Christ through our worship services and Sunday school programs. By gaining a deeper understanding of the Gospel, you will discover the true meaning of your Christian mission and what Jesus wants you to do for Him and for others. Our devoted Christian ministry helps you build a stronger relationship with our Lord by rekindling your faith and showing you the joy of being a follower of Jesus Christ.
9700 Old Greensboro Road
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
Phone: (205) 758-7281
Fax: (205) 758-8923

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